Simplicity and Flexibility

It is time to break free from older Fare Collection systems that forced you into long-term contracts and specific equipment. This is about your agency stepping into the future of Mobility, and SIMA making it possible.

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Cost Effective: You Only Pay for a Service

Simplicity is what makes us extremely affordable. Our system was built with SaaS architecture in mind, giving us the possibility of offering our solution as a service. Our account-based system allows us to provide a service with seamless upgrades and maintenance.

We Work with Your Existing Investments

What happens if you have already invested in specific equipment? No problem! We can connect the equipment you already have to MaxSima.

Your Data in Real Time

Data is becoming one of your agency’s most valuable assets. Having data readily available the instant it is produced can save you a lot of headaches, and can help you share information with your passengers right when they need it, in the present.

Solution Provisioned with Great Speed

Simplicity allows us to set your system up in just weeks. Implementing our solution is a seamless process, with zero disruption in day-to-day business operations. We also allow you to scale rapidly without incurring additional infrastructure costs.

Guaranteed Levels of Service

Our service includes installation,maintenance and support, we are also responsible for upgrades, up time and security.

Completely Open to Integrations

Our open architecture gives you the possibility of integrating just about any third party tool you already have or wish to acquire. We handle the integration with the tool’s developers at no cost to you.

Become A Part Of MaaS

MaxSima is just what your agency needs to step into the next generation of Intelligent Transportation. Learn  how our real time payment processing can help your agency be a part of Mobility as a Service.

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