Our AFC solution provides real time payment data, allowing you to track your revenue by the second. Our solution comes with free access to our ITS Platform, which not only gathers and processes the data from our fare collection system but also opens the possibility of integrating other ITS tools.

How You Win

Real-time Payment Processing

You get to see transactions that are processed in  each one of your transit vehicles right when they happen, rather than having to wait. Most importantly, you can detect potential fraudulent transactions instantly.

Multi-form Fare Media

Our ticketing solution is not limited to prepaid RFID smartcards. Whether you choose to implement any RFID technology, mobile ticketing (QR, NFC and/or BLE) or open loop systems- our AFC solution supports any combination.

Mobile First Approach

You get a white-label mobile app so passengers can use their smartphones to make payments in transit vehicles or stations, as well as visualize transit vehicle locations, arrival times, and location of card reload networks. 

Operations on the Go

The mobile app version of the back office system, gives you easy access to summarized reports containing key data from your operations while you are on the go.

Fixed or Custom Routes

Our AFC solution is built for fixed transit routes but can be easily configured to support customized routes, catering to any special services you provide.

Open Architecture

Integrate your current ITS services with our Platform to achieve a solution tailored to your needs. We take care of the integration of any third party services at no additional cost.

Web and Mobile Apps Included

Our Transit Agency Web and Mobile apps allow transit administrators the real-time visualization of all the data the ITS Platform produces and subsequent analysis as well as managing all the interfaces that control the system.

You can view reports online or you can export them in Excel, PDF and CSV formats.

What’s in It for Your Transit Agency?

Big savings

You only pay for our Software as a Service, which means you do not have to invest in any sophisticated systems or replace your hardware. You will see a return on your investment early on.

Guaranteed Levels of Service

Our service consists of installing, and providing maintenance and support, we are responsible for upgrades, up time and security of the software we provide.

Completely Open to Integrations

Our open architecture gives you the possibility of integrating just about any third party tool you already have or wish to acquire, into our ITS Platform. We take care of the required APIs for the system setup, at no cost and handle the integration with the tool’s developers.

Completely Transparent Solution

We are so confident in our solution that we don’t tie you down with long term contracts. You can cancel our service whenever you like.

Easy Deployment

Your service will be up and running in no time without additional consulting or implementation fees, no project is too small, our solution is easily scalable.

Your Data in Real Time

Data is becoming one of your agency’s most valuable assets. Having data readily available the instant it is produced can save you a lot of headaches, and can help you share information with your passengers right when they need it, in the present.

Tech Support Included


We take care of the implementation of the system, and integrations with current or new systems.


We will make sure your staff knows the system from head to toe to make sure that your agency makes optimal use of the investment.

Maintenance and Technical Support

We like making sure our solution is working properly,  that’s why we offer unlimited maintenance and support on the ITS Platform as part of the service fee.

Making Our Solution Even Better

We have witnessed that our solution can bring even more benefits to transit agencies when paired up with third party applications, which can be easily integrated into our system.

We’d Love to Hear from You!