SIMA has taken single-use contactless tickets to a whole new level, with printed QR codes. This  solution is secure, inexpensive, easy to implement and can be easily distributed through vending machines at transit stations. Learn how you can  save money and give your passengers an additional alternative to pay for their rides!

Why Choose The SIMA QR Paper Ticket Solution?

Cheaper Than Single-use Tickets

QR codes are printed on thermal papers using equipment you already have, incurring in no additional costs. QR Paper Tickets are approximately 95% cheaper than single-use contactless tickets.

Inclusive-minded Mobility

QR Paper Tickets were designed as a single-use ticket alternative that can be used by everyone. The segment of passengers that do not have access to smartphones  will be glad that you kept them in mind with this sophisticated yet easy to use solution.

Options for Multiple or Single Rides

Our software can be programmed to print tickets for single and multiple rides or one day passes. All of the configurations can be easily changed or adjusted based on your needs or passenger demands. 

What’s in It for Your Transit Agency?

Big savings

You only pay for our Software as a Service, which means you do not have to invest in any sophisticated systems or replace your hardware. You will see a return on your investment early on.

User Friendly Interfaces

Part of our purpose is to make operations for your company a simple task, that is why we have placed special emphasis on creating interfaces that are easy to use and are always asking for feedback on your experience.

Driven by Innovation

We meet your current agency needs with the ability to grow and improve our solution as new technologies are launched. All updates are incorporated into the service automatically, at no extra cost.

Tech Support Included


We take care of the implementation of the system, and integrations with current or new systems.


We will make sure your staff knows the system from head to toe to make sure that your agency makes optimal use of the investment.

Maintenance and Technical Support

We like making sure our solution is working properly,  that’s why we offer unlimited maintenance and support on the ITS Platform as part of the service fee.

Making Our AFC Solution Even Better

We have witnessed that our solution can bring even more benefits to transit agencies when paired up with third party applications, which can be easily integrated into our system.

We’d Love to Hear from You!