We understand that not everyone who uses public transportation will have access to smart cards. We want you to offer solutions for each and everyone of your passengers. Printed QR codes are a cost effective way to offer a traditional fare payment method without losing the benefits of electronic ticketing.


Increasing your scheduling department’s productivity can be accomplished with our Dispatch/Planning and AVL tool. We provide the ability to report and analyze data based on initial planning and real output.You will be able to predict deployment frequency based on departure history. AVL lets you know where your vehicles are all the time, helping you make smarter operational decisions in real time.


Transport agencies face an array of challenges to ensure their units operate at optimum level. A proactive approach to asset management is the most cost effective decision a transit agency can make. A tool like SIMA asset management will help you reduce costs and vehicle down time. It will automate control over your parts inventory, as well as track scheduled and emergency maintenance work.


Managing your workforce can be a daunting task, especially when you have to keep operations a float while following regulations. Our Workforce Management tool can make overseeing your transit personnel a much simpler and efficient task. You will be able to manage your staff in a more productive way, making sure that you meet the transit demands and that all regulations are met.


Fare Media Management will become more complex as the demand for public transportation and issuance of fare media increases.Our tool allows you to keep track of card registrations, verifications, and issuance. You will be able to perform card lifecycle and inventory management. It´s predictive analytics feature will allow you to manage card inventory and QR ticket issuance in a more efficient way.